Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy In Dental Practice

Ozone in dentistry is widely accepted and used in daily dental practice in almost all dental applications. The irrefutable disinfection power of ozone, when compared with other standard antiseptics, makes ozone’s dental usage highly suitable.

Recent clinical and research studies on ozone’s utility in treating early tooth caries without cavitations are highly encouraging. In fact, they reveal that it is now possible to stop and reverse these lesions in a repeatable and predictable way without invasive intervention—making these findings revolutionary in dentistry.

Given its powerful advantages, Dr. Amy Khajavi, at Center For Ceramic Dental Implant Mexico, uses ozone therapy while offering dental solutions such as dental surgery, dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, TMJ, and oral surgery.

Patients need to be aware that ozone can be used in dental procedures in three forms—water, gas, and oil. Though gas, till recently, was not recommended for intra-oral use due to safety concerns. Only ozone dissolved in water and ozonated oils were and still used regularly in various fields of dentistry. But with the advent of a foot pedal-activated dental handpiece, which has a suction feature, ozone gas can now be safely used in situations where diffusion is crucial such as for dental hard tissues.

Use Of Ozone In Clinical Procedures

In operative dentistry, ozone therapy is performed depending on clinical cases. The combination of operative and minimally invasive diagnostic equipment, and ozone, is valuable in treating dental problems.

Surgery And Extraction

In dental surgery, ozone’s use is recommended during and after the surgery to serve as a topical disinfectant and an agent for healing. In surgical procedures, following final debridement of the socket, dentists use large amounts of ozonated water for irrigation, and then apply gauze dipped in ozonated water to compress the extraction site.

Implant Removable Dentures

Among the wearers of full dentures, denture stomatitis is a common occurrence primarily due to Candida albicans. Ozone use, especially ozonated water and oil, is highly efficient in cleaning and disinfecting the dentures’ acrylic material.

Instruments Cold Disinfection

Ozonated water can be used as a cold disinfection solution for dental and medical instruments, and also for disinfection of countertops of cabinets. It can also be used as hands wash disinfectant solution, for contact lenses, fiber optic tips, and surgical loupes lenses.

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