Full Mouth Ceramic Dental Implants Mexico

Full Mouth Ceramic Dental Implants Mexico

Your Doctor’s Experience Affects The Success Or Failure Of Your Implant

When choosing a doctor to perform your implant procedure, research has shown that proven experience is immensely important. In fact, both the skill and experience of the doctor are the main factors that influence whether an implant procedure will be a success or failure (1). A study conducted at the Center for Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry concluded that implant failure was higher for inexperienced clinicians (2).

Another study entitled “Reasons for Failures of Oral Implants” listed “inexperienced surgeons inserting the implants” as increasing the chances of implant failure (3). When it comes to full mouth dental implants, choosing a doctor who only does dental implants as a “part time business” is not the best option. Dr. Amy is an expert in full mouth dental implants and performs them on a daily basis.

The Benefits Of Ceramic Zirconia Dental Implants

Quality is also a big factor when it comes to dental implants. All-ceramic implants that are one-piece, non-metal, and tooth-colored are quickly gaining popularity. This is due to their improved comfort and healing times, strength and optimal integration into jaw bone, elimination of infection risk associated with two-piece implants, reduced maintenance, and extreme biocompatibility.

Unlike metal implants, ceramic zirconia implants do not conduct heat or electricity. They also resist corrosion. There is no metal present to induce chemical reactions or to migrate into nearby lymph nodes, surrounding tissues, or other parts of the body. Zirconia implants also promote healthier gums by exhibiting low plaque accumulation (4). Because infection is a main cause of implant failure, the decrease in bacterial growth with ceramic implants allows for the long-term success of the implant. Also, ceramic implants do not affect the body’s meridians– alleviating a major concern that many holistic-oriented practitioners and patients have about metal implants.

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The Best Choice — Ceramic Zirconia Dental Implants And An Experienced Dentist

Dr. Amy works with patients that need full mouth dental implants on a daily basisFull mouth dental implants aren’t just something she does as a side-business. Over the past 4 years in Rosarito, Dr. Amy has placed thousands of dental implants. There are not many doctors that can make this claim.


Because of her vast experience doing dental implants, Dr. Amy has a 98% success rate. As part of her commitment to excellence, Dr. Amy only uses CeraRoot to place one-piece ceramic zirconia implants. In comparison to titanium implants, these implants are non-metal and offer patients many different benefits. Patients with metal allergies and sensitivities or health-conscious patients find that hypoallergenic, non-metal ceramic implants to be an ideal solution to their concerns about metal implants.


Patients will love the fact that ceramic implants are cosmetically more appealing. They will also appreciate the fact that one-piece ceramic zirconia implants are more difficult for bacteria to adhere to– therefore less maintenance is required and there is decreased risk of infection. Additionally, CeraRoot implants are acid-etched, which research has shown to result in higher success rates (5). A study in 2010 from the International Journal of Maxillofacial Implants followed close to 400 zirconia dental implant patients and discovered that the overall implant success rate after 5 years of follow-up was over 97% for the patients who had these acid-etched implants. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20369093)


Born in Iran, moved to the US and recently based in Rosarito, Baja California; Azadeh “Amy” Khajavi,  has more than two decades of experience as a dentist and is trained in implant dentistry primarily full mouth dental implants using ceramic – zirconia implants. Azadeh Khajavi focuses her practice on cosmetic issues and offers patients state-of-the-art  METAL- FREE implant dentistry. She emphasizes the importance of implants as a mean of preserving oral.

She specializes in complex dental procedures such as full mouth dental implants using ceramic – zirconia metal free dental implants followed with Zirconia Crowns, utilizing your own Growth Factor for the Bone Graft. Center For Ceramic Dental Implants Mexico is a Holistic dental office all procedures at Excellence Dental in Rosarito is done with Non-Metal Biocompatible materials.

Graduated From

Oregon Health and Science University with Doctor in Dentistry


– Dr Amy Khajavi has 4 years of specialized training in Implantology – San Diego and San Francisco.  In addition – 5 yrs. Of Fellowship training in Orthopedics of the Jaw – Chicago.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

– the above training plus 2yrs of Post Doctorate Degree Studies , Las Vegas, NV,  lead to her being awarded the most prestigious designation of “Master Dentist in Full Mouth Reconstruction”  – which included Aesthetic Dentristy training. Dr. Khajavi is a sought after Instructor by other Medical professionals.

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