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Metal Free Dental Implants

Metal Free Dental Implants

Dental Implants And Their Use

Ceramic dental implants are like anchors providing permanent support crowns or dentures—offering the most natural reconstruction after loss of teeth or tooth. Dental implants are favored over traditional bridges as the procedure protects the adjacent teeth from damage, whereas a bridge modifies the surrounding teeth. Once they are placed, dental implants are a durable dental solution, can be cleaned and cared for precisely like your natural teeth.

Ceramic Vs. Titanium Dental Implants

When an all-ceramic dental crown is placed over an all-ceramic dental implant, it appears and functions just like normal teeth, and offers excellent reasons for ceramic to be used as a dental implant. Implants made with zirconia a biocompatiable ceramic material are also recommended by dentists as these two elements successfully integrate with the human bone.

‘Ceramics’ encompasses a wide range of materials, and when compared with metal implants, are harder, have excellent strength, higher resistance to temperature fluctuation, lower density, and offer resistance to corrosion. These properties are ideal for use in an oral environment where continuous abrasion, high temperature, and corrosion are present all the time.

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Use of ceramic implants causes the least damage to the immune system as they provide metal-free dental restoration, and lower worries related to allergies and biocompatibility. They are also more aesthetically pleasing while providing oral functions just like the more conventional titanium implants.

On the other hand, titanium is often considered the go-to option for dental implant material as it has a high success rate in different medical applications. But there’s a fundamental disadvantage in using titanium dental implants. Due to the material’s inherent grayish color, they are not as aesthetically appealing and don’t compare well in this department with natural tooth or teeth—especially when they are placed in the front of the mouth. Moreover, even though it’s an inert metal, titanium can trigger galvanism and allergies, and create biocompatibility issues in patients.

Why You Should Prefer Zirconia Dental Implants

Since zirconium is highly resistant to corrosion, it is most commonly utilized in combination with other materials to manufacture dental tooth implants. Zirconium implants are preferred over titanium implants as they closely resemble natural teeth. Some of the other reasons why they are recommended are mentioned below:

Biocompatibility: Zirconium, being an inert material, almost never triggers an allergic reaction
Metal-free: There is no galvanism effect, corrosion, metallic taste, or electronic disturbances due to their use
Color: As ceramic implants are white, you need not worry about a dark or gray line appearing along your gums
Strength: Zirconia dental implants are stronger than even titanium
Gum Growth: Zirconia being highly biocompatible, the soft tissue grows around the abutment. This means that receding gums that pose a problem with titanium implants is not a consideration with ceramic dental implants.

Furthermore, studies indicate that with ceramic dental implants the bone grows right up to the implant surface, and the implant can be anchored in place by the bone. This process usually takes four to six months to allow complete healing before further restoration can be completed.


Biocompatible Implants Enhance Your Smile

Dental implants are typically advised for patients when they require teeth replacement or removal due to trauma or disease. At our dental clinic here in Rosarito, we find that most of the implants are carried out after an infected root canal has been taken out. Patients who possess a healthy bone structure and have no significant health problems affecting the healing process can also get a permanent dental fitted solidly into the jaw.

How Dental Implant Procedure Works

In the implant procedure, an artificial ceramic root is fitted directly into the jaw in place of the natural root. Placing a single implant can take 30 minutes, and when surgery involves many teeth, the procedure can last for several hours.

Post implant experience indicates that titanium implants leave an unattractive dark line around the gums and have a ‘metallic’ appearance, but zirconium has a ‘natural’ look. Ceramic crowns and implants also accumulate less plaque and calculus as compared to metal implants—thereby encouraging healthier gums.

Clinical Results Support Use Of Ceramic Implants

Ceramic dental implants resist dental plaque. Consequently, post-surgery problems of inflammation in the gums are seldom reported. The improved gum health further minimizes the risk of losing an implant. We recommend patients to receive ceramic dental implants for several reasons, including those given below:
Durability, fit, and comfort factors as they are integrated and secured with the gums and bones.
Offer more comfort compared to dentures, which may aggravate the gums and hamper speech.
Convenience, because dental implant can’t be misplaced or lost
As compared to bridges, ensure much better health of neighboring teeth
Dental implants have a long and proven record of offering reliable and durable service, for 20 years and sometimes more, with least number of complications

Dr. Amy’s Experience

Dr. Amy has been placing dental implants for more than nine years. Presently, our Rosarito dental clinic places ceramic implants utilizing a guided surgery process, which removes several usual risks related to placement of the implant. Using cutting-edge equipment (computer generated surgical guides, Sirona CEREC machine, Sirona Galileos 3D Cone Beam Scanner, and a completely metal-free implant placement method), we place the biocompatible dental implants, which are not only positioned with precision but are also pleasing to the eye.

Make An Informed Implant Decision

Titanium is just one of the materials available for tooth implants. So, it is crucial that you know about all the implant options. No matter what type of dental implant you choose, we will provide exhaustive information about it. We believe in the use of natural materials in dentistry and implants, and try to offer metal-free restorative dentistry, which includes not only zirconium implants but also bridges and crowns, porcelain veneers, pressed all-ceramic crowns, and tooth-colored fillings that are invisible. And to reiterate, ceramic options offer holistic, hygienic, and aesthetic advantages over their metal counterparts.

So, if you have a tooth missing or had a root canal in the past, get in touch with us to know more about our ceramic dental implants, and see if they suit your needs.

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