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Bone Grafting PRGF Factors

Bone Grafting PRGF Factors

Rapid Healing With Plasma Rich Growth Factor

The Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PRGF) technique is useful and productive as it promotes faster healing by aiding the body’s natural healing process. Suppose you have a wound in the form of a skin cut, in which case the body activates a healing response. Cells rush to the site of the wound to promote healing. A platelet is one type of these cells and releases growth factors (GF). These growth factors enable the body to heal itself naturally and prompt stem cells to rejuvenate new tissue.

The Safe Therapy That Enables Fast Recovery

Approved By The FDA And 100% Bio-Compatible

Why PRGF Is Generating Excitement

PRGF is a breakthrough technique in bone and soft tissue regeneration as it encourages the body to use its full potential of the normal healing pathways—but at a vastly accelerated rate. When the body is dealing with a wound and requires healing, various cells and cell-types are rushed to the injury’s site. These cells start the healing mechanism by forming blood clots and discharging growth factors into the wound. Greater the growth factors introduced into the wound, better and faster the healing.

Bone Grafting
Is PRGF A Safe Procedure?

When PRGF is introduced to the surgical area, the body takes advantage of many growth factors without the blood cells. This makes accelerated healing, without the immune system’s response to swelling and inflammation, possible. It has also been observed that PRGF increases the formation of new bone. On adding PRGF to the surgical site, the doctor can grow bone faster and with higher chances of success—making it a significant treatment system when placing dental implants.

Is PRGF A Safe Procedure?

It’s a safe technique during which a tiny amount of your blood is taken through an IV during the outpatient procedure. The blood is then put in a centrifuge and spun down, which separates the PRGF from the other ingredients of your blood such as white blood cells and red blood cells. The whole procedure takes only 40 minutes to be completed!

Can All Bone-Grafting Cases Use PRGF?

As patients have different needs, PRGF can’t be used in all cases. In certain situations, PRGF is not necessary: such as if there’s no infection, the surgical site is small; or an implant is not being placed at the extraction site. But for majority of the cases, PRGF is immensely beneficial to the patient as healing is faster and more efficient. In fact, it is particularly helpful for people who have a decreased healing response—smokers, diabetics, immune disorders patients, and the elderly.

Will Insurance Cover PRGF?

Unfortunately, PRGF is not covered by insurance providers. PRGF’s cost is borne by the patient. However, as PRGF stimulates bone growth without bone grafting—the saving on the bone grafting procedure can offset the cost of PRGF.

Are There Any Contraindications To PRGF?

Yes, there are contraindications to PRGF. Patients having hematologic diseases or bleeding disorders can’t have this in-office procedure as it is not easy to control bleeding in a non-hospital setting. Patients must discuss treatment options with their doctor to determine their candidature for PRGF.

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PRGF’s Clinical Applications

PRGF’s Clinical Applications

We use PRGF to carry out many dental procedures including repairing fistulas between the mouth and the sinus cavity, bone grafting for dental implants and correcting bone defects due to the removal of small cysts and teeth. In fact, we can generate PRGF in our office while you are going through a procedure.

The L-PRF Platelet (L-PRF) Therapy

Dr. Amy Khajavi is one of the few dentists in the area who offers L-PRF therapy as a wholly natural method to improve the healing process. This treatment is a bioactive band-aid for wounded sites and is created from your blood. We draw blood to produce an advanced bioactive compound, which is placed at the surgery site to encourage more rapid healing.

How We Use L-PRF Platelet Therapy At Our Practice

After an examination, Dr. Khajavi may suggest L-PRF Platelet Therapy as part of a ridge augmentation procedure or bone grafting when you require more bone tissue. At the same time, Plasma Rich Growth Factor can help with the natural bone regeneration process for faster healing. L-PRF Platelet Therapy is an approved FDA procedure and is 100% biocompatible as the compounds are derived from your blood.

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